Govt must respond on TAV - Chiamparino

'Ready for referendum otherwise'

(ANSA) - Turin, October 30 - Piedmont president Sergio Chiamparino said Tuesday before the regional council that the government must respond on whether the Turin-Lyon high speed train (TAV) would be built or not.
    "Let's be done with the willful ambiguity of this government, seasoned with an unbearable pantomime," he said. "The government should have the courage to say that it does not want to do it or - as I hope - that the basic tunnel must be made because that is what all modern countries do. I say yes to the TAV, without any ifs or buts, because that tunnel is what connects us to Europe." He added that "I suggest that a roundtable discussion be held with the government to discuss the national part of the tunnel.
    If the government accepts, great, otherwise I will ask the council to find a way to call for a referendum."


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