EU must change or budget veto will be certain - Di Maio

Funding is not dogma says Di Maio

(ANSA) - Berlin, August 27 - The EU must change its tune on migrants or Italy's budget veto will be "certain", Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio said Monday.
    Di Maio was speaking after European Budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said Monday that Italy doesn't pay 20 billion euros a year to the EU budget as stated by Di Maio in threatening to cut it unless the EU took in migrants, but 14-16 billion.
    "Taking into account what it receives from the EU budget that leaves a net contribution of three billion a year," Oettinger said.
    Di Maio replied that Oettinger's description of his claim as a "farce" "shows what consideration they have of our country".
    "They're evidently used to Italian premiers and ministers going cap in hand to Brussels".
    "Funding is not a dogma," said Di Maio, leader of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, and also industry and labour minister.
    "The music in Europe is going to change," he said, saying that soon there would be talk of "real solidarity and not restrictions that are unsustainable from both the social and economic standpoint".


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