Vade retro Salvini on migrants says Famiglia Cristiana

'Nothing personal, just Gospel' says Catholic weekly

(ANSA) - Rome, July 25 - Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana publishes in its latest number a photo of a hand raised against a disconcerted Interior Minister matteo salvini, captioned 'vade retro Salvini' because of his tough migrant policies. 'Vade retro' is Latin for "get thee behind me", a Medieval formula for exorcism of the Devil. "It's nothing personal or ideological", says the magazine which hits news stands Thursday, "it's the Gospel".
    Noting that migrant deaths at sea rose to 1,490 from January 1 to July 18, Famiglia Cristiana stressed the work of the Catholic Church "against certain disparaging and non-evangelical tones". Famiglia Cristiana's photo is in "very bad taste", the interior minister said later Wednesday. Salvini countered by saying that he received "daily support from very many women and men of the Church".