Civil service heads to be sacked if slackers,molesters (4)

Those who tolerate irregularities to be punished too

(ANSA) - Rome, July 3 - Civil service managers who are guilty of "serial absenteeism" or are sex pests will be sacked under a new toughened code of conduct, sector body ARAN said Tuesday.
    Managers who rack up "unjustified series of absences" in periods where service should be guaranteed or who are repeat offenders regarding "behaviour or molestation of a sexual nature" will be fired under the proposed code.
    This will also be the case for staff.
    The repeated "toleration of irregularities in service" on the part of staff will also be sanctioned.
    Managers who have "altercations" or don't apply rules on work safety or smoking bans can also be fined under the new code to the tune of 200-500 euros.
    photo: Civil Service Minister Giulia Bongiorno


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