60 French pols appeal to Macron on TAV

'Amid political uncertainty in Italy'

(ANSA) - Paris, May 23 - More than 60 French politicians including MPs, Senators and regional governors on Wednesday appealed to French President Emmanuel Macron to "guarantee" the Turin-Lyon high-speed rail (TAV) line which the future Italian government has vowed to revise or stop. The appeal called the project "a major work site for the future" and called for it to be saved "in the face of political uncertainties in Italy". The appeal, contained in a missive sent to the presidential Elysée palace, was coordinated by the Comité pour la Transalpine Lyon-Turin, chaired by Jacques Gounon.
    "The Turin-Lyon link," the 63 signatories said, "contains at the same time a vision of Europe, an international economic ambition for France, a powerful aspiration for ecological transition and a strategy of development of the territory for the whole south of the continent." They said "we keenly hope that (Macron) will be a guarantor of the dynamic of this great future worksite, in a context of political uncertainties in Italy".


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