EP gives conditional OK to EMA move to Amsterdam

Italy, Milan appealing against decision

(ANSA) - Strasbourg, March 15 - The European Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday gave conditional approval to the relocation of the European Medicines Agency from London to Amsterdam due to Brexit.
    Italy and Milan, which missed out on winning EMA after lots were drawn when the cities tied in the vote to decide the agency's new home, are appealing the decision.
    They argue that important information about the move to Amsterdam was withheld during the bidding process after doubts emerged about its readiness to host EMA.
    The EP set three conditions: the Netherlands must ensure the full and continuous operations of the EMA; EU institutions must be more greatly involved in future choices of offices; and the European Commission must report on a quarterly basis on the EMA dossier's progress.
    The relocation was approved with 507 votes in favour, 112 against and 37 abstentions.


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