Our pro-European stance stronger than PD's - Bonino (4)

'Determined, constant, obdurate, not seesawing, impassioned'

(ANSA) - Rome, February 20 - +Europa leader Emma Bonino told a Facebook-ANSA live forum Tuesday that her party's pro-European stance was stronger than that of her centre-left coalition ally the Democratic Party (PD). "Our Europeanism, with respect to the PD's, is more determined, constant, obdurate, not seesawing and more impassioned," she said. She said "the EU implies an attention for a constant policy, a way of seeing how it works, how to gain benefits from the European project".
    +Europa is the biggest of a group of small centre-left parties allied with the PD for the March 4 general election.
    Bonino has a higher profile abroad than many other leaders having been both former foreign minister and former European Commissioner.


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