Secessionist gets 2 yrs in jail for St Mark's Square 'tanko'

Man made cannon for rudimentary tank in 2014

(ANSA) - Brescia, February 2 - One out of 24 Lombard and Veneto secessionists nabbed in spring 2014 for planning to occupy Venice's iconic St Mark's Square with a so-called 'tanko' homemade armoured vehicle was found guilty of subversive activity and sentenced to two years in jail on Friday. The man, Michele Cattaneo, was ruled to be the ringleader of the gang.
    Cattaneo, the only one of the group who chose a fast-track trial, was found guilty of building the cannon of the rudimentary tank. He will be tried in Rovigo for making the weapon.
    All the others will also be tried in Rovigo after a Brescia court declared itself territorially incompetent.


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