Parisi centre-right governor candidate in Lazio

Businessman leader of Energies for Italy accepts

(ANSA) - Rome, January 25 - Businessman Stefano Parisi said Thursday he had agreed to be the centre right's governor candidate in Lazio on March 4. "Today I received the invitation form the centre-right leaders to candidate myself as governor of the Lazio region," he said. "We decided to accept because we are a new party, built in just a year of work and we must consolidate our presence in the whole of Italy," he said, referring to his small centrist political grouping Energies for Italy (EPI).
    "We have a long-term project," he said.
    Parisi said his decision meant there would be no EPI lists at the general election, also on March 4.
    Parisi's main rivals on March 4 will be incumbent Nicola Zingaretti for the centre left and Roberta Lombardi for the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement.


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