Andreotti lawyer Bongiorno to run for League

'Sign of a League that is growing' says Salvini

(ANSA) - Rome, January 18 - Giulia Bongiorno, a lawyer who successfully defended late premier Giulio Andreotti from mafia and murder charges, will run with the anti-migrant, anti-euro League in the March 4 general election, leader Matteo Salvini said Thursday. "Giulia Bongiorno is heading the League ticket in various parts of the country," said Salvini, whose party is running in a centre-right alliance with ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia (FI) party and a smaller rightist party. Salvini was speaking at a press conference with Bongiorno, who was also chair of the Lower House justice committee.
    "It is the sign of a League that is growing, involving, banking on professionals from civil society and above all in the field of the defence of security, women's rights and justice reform," he said.
    Bongiorno said "I am thrilled to restart this road, happy with my continual discourse with Salvini.
    "I want an Italy with fewer culprits getting off and more rules that guarantee freedom".
    On a Salvini campaign vow to reopen brothels, Bongiorno said "if it's a free choice by women, I say Yes".
    Raffaele Sollecito, who Bongiorno helped clear of murder along with Amanda Knox in the Meredith Kercher case, said "I hope (Bongiorno) makes it".


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