Milan school 'avoided by Italians, too many foreigners'

'Pole of excellence for autism, seems a ghetto'

(ANSA) - Milan, December 1 - Italian parents avoid enrolling their children in the Fabio Filzi school in Milan due in part to the large number of foreigners, according to a teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity. The school is located in the Corvetto area, which has experienced integration and crime problems. "Italian parents refuse to enroll their children here," school principal Domenico Balbi said, "to the extent that we can't even form an adequate number of first-year classes in the primary school section. We are a pole of excellence for autism but the message being conveyed is that of a ghetto." Parents have also reportedly spoken about problems in the school of bullying, vandalism and intimidation from some arrogant pupils "from a nearby Roma camp". The school, which is located in the suburbs, has seen incidents of arguments involving parents and some parents come to get their children whenever they want, forcing teachers to stay after the hours they are paid for. One teacher has been threatened after saying that the children would be handed over to the local police after a certain time.


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