Italy of 'rancour' growing - CENSIS (4)

Halt to social mobility creating discontent says think tank

(ANSA) - Rome, December 1 - Despite a long-awaitd economic recovery in Italy, think tank CENSIS said Friday there was rising "rancour" around the country against those who have more money and better prospects.
    "The social dividend of the economic recovery has not been distributed around the country and the halt to social mobility is creating rancour," CENSIS said in its report on Italy's social situation.
    CENIS said "there persist trends that must be managed with care: the demographic fall in the country, the poverty of immigrant human capital, and the polarisation of employment which is penalising the former middle class".
    Among other things, CENSIS said 78% of Italians don't trust the government, 52-1% gave a thumbs down to the civil service, and the working class "no longer speaks Italian".
    There had a been a boom in people in absolute poverty, up 165% since 2007, CENSIS said.
    It also said, however, that the employment conditions of women were "improving" and that 78.2% of people were "satisfied" with their lifestyle.
    Crime was also down 8.2% last year, CENSIS said.
    CENSI said the "myths" of Italian society remained a steady job for life and a home of one's own.
    It said the newer myths were smartphones and social networks.


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