Inflation costs 333 euros a year per household - consumers

Prices rising while incomes remain stagnant, Federconsumatori

(ANSA) - Rome, September 29 - The level of inflation registered by Italian statistics bureau ISTAT in September will cost an estimated 333 euros per household a year, consumers' group Federconsumatori said on Friday.
    "The fact that continues to cause great concern is that the increase in prices is in strong contrast with household revenues", said the group's president, Emilio Viafora, who also cited "persisting high levels of unemployment".
    In its preliminary estimate on Friday, ISTAT said that inflation dropped to 1.1% in September from 1.2% in August.
    It also said the prices of the most frequently bought goods in Italy's inflation trolley rose an annual 1.2% in September compared to 0.6% in August, largely due to the prices of fresh vegetables.
    Italy's unemployment rate dropped to 10.9% in the second quarter of this year, 0.4 of a percentage point lower than the previous three months and 0.6 down in the same period in 2016, ISTAT said earlier this month.


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