O'Leary says will buy 'well restructured' Alitalia (3)

Only buy if we have majority says Ryanair CEO

(ANSA) - Rome, June 27 - Ryanair would be interested in buying Alitalia if its commissioners make "major changes and restructuring", Ryanair head Michael O'Leary said Tueeday, saying that if this was not the case, "we're not interested".
    The CEO said Ryanair would only buy if they can get a majority of the troubled Italian airline, saying Etihad was already "out of the game". O'Leary added that "we're not interested in buying possible slots".
    As for the changes needed, O'Leary said it was a question of "doing very simple things", including "tearing up the deal with Air France, renegotiating the airport deals with (Rome airport company) ADR, where Alitalia is currently paying very high costs, revising the leasing contracts and cutting the number of staff because the company doesn't need all those extra people".


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