Clashes outside Salvini newspaper forum in Naples

'Ready to govern Italy' says League leader

(ANSA) - Naples, March 8 - Demonstrators and police clashed outside the offices of Naples newspaper Il Mattino Wednesday while anti-immigrant, anti-euro Northern League leader Matteo Salvini was inside addressing a forum.
    The protesters shouted slogans against the formerly secessionist leader, who has turned his party into a nationwide one but still regularly gets barracked in southern Italy.
    "I'm ready to challenge (ex-premier and likely future premiership candidate Matteo) Renzi (of the ruling centre-left Democratic Party) and govern Italy better from tomorrow," Salvini told the forum.
    He issued a message for Neapolitans: "Let's get to know one another, let's learn to respect each other".
    The demonstrators were from leftist and anarchist squats known as 'social centres' in Italy.


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