UN talks only Syria solution - Gentiloni (2)

For transition phase, hope Russia contributes

(ANSA) - Rome, December 29 - Only talks at the United Nations can pave the way for a solution to the Syrian crisis, Premier Paolo Gentiloni said Thursday. The only "credible" way forward, he said, "can only be opening serious talks on the transition handled by the UN. "It is very hard to imagine a different solution, we have to get there and I hope Russia helps arrive at this solution: the UN, transition, and dialogue between Bashar al-Assad and the oppositions". Gentiloni said "certainly we have behind us dramatic months and months of diplomatic failures, to be frank.
    "The tragedy of Aleppo has highlighted this difficulty. I am among those who does not think a more aggressive response on the military level is the right one".
    Gentiloni said "we had a format born in February in Munich and which seemed very promising, 18 countries including Italy around the table, at the head were Lavrov and Kerry and around it Iranians, Turks, Saudis, the different subjects we had to involve to reach peace.
    "This operation initially produced results...but then what happened? I must say that many worked against this US-Russian collaboration".


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