Kosovar arrested on terror charge expelled from Italy

24-year had been released due to lack of evidence

(ANSA) - Brescia, November 30 - Italy on Wednesday expelled a 24-year-old Kosovar, Gaffur Dibrani, who had been arrested for alleged apology for terrorism but then released by a court for lack of evidence. The man, who had lived in Fiesse, near Brescia, for 10 years, was put aboard a flight to Kosovo after an interior ministry petition was approved by a court. Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said: "Investigations established that the foreigner was linked to the circuit of a Moroccan foreign fighter, who left Brescia in 2013 to reach the Syrian-Iraqi theatre where he joined the militia of the self-proclaimed Islamic State". The Kosovar's Facebook profile was "interesting", Alfano said, because of its jihadist content and links to two other noted Islamists already expelled from Italy.
    Alfano added that a "radicalised" 42-year-old Pakistani was also expelled Wednesday, bringing to 127 the number of terror suspects deported from Italy since January 2015.


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