Italy is no longer EU's piggy bank - Renzi (2)

Premier says Orban's comments show Rome stance made mark

(ANSA) - Rome, October 28 - Premier Matteo Renzi said Italy was no longer willing to be the European Union's moneybox as he reiterated his threat to veto the new EU budget if countries like Hungary do not do their bit to manage the asylum-seeker crisis. "Each year Italy gives 20 billion euros to Europe and it gets back 12," Renzi told Radio Radicale. "Today there's a wonderful new development. Being as we are starting to discuss the budget, the Italian premier will veto any budget that does not contemplate equal obligations and equal rights. The time when Italy was the piggy bank is over".
    He also said that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calling him "irritable" showed that his budget veto threat had "made a mark".


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