Italy-Austria Brenner border 'to stay open', says Kern

Austrian chancellor says Italy doing 'great job' on controls

(ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 10 - The Italy-Austria border at Brenner will "stay as it is, namely open and without major checks, also because Italy is doing an excellent job of control", Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern said on Monday.
    "I wasn't in favour of the wall and I'm not in favour of it now," Kern said in an interview with RAI 3 radio programme Agorà. "It is clear that within Europe we should avoid building internal borders," he continued. "We believe it is much more efficient to help the migrants in their home countries. This is where Europe needs to provide answers," Kern said. "Europe was certainly not supportive towards Italy for many years, and the same is true for Greece," he continued. Kern also expressed his disappointment at the outcome of the informal meeting of EU leaders in Bratislava in September.
    "The problems were so big that a solution needed to be found quickly, but unfortunately in Europe there is a lot of talking but little is actually done." 


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