Regeni meeting ends with 'joint commitment for truth'

Italian and Egyptian investigators discuss murder case

(ANSA) - Rome, September 9 - Italian and Egyptian investigators said Friday that two days of meetings in Rome on the case of Giulio Regeni, an Italian student who was tortured and murdered in Cairo this year, had concluded with a joint commitment to get to the bottom of the case. A joint statement said the meeting concluded "with a renewed commitment by both offices to continue to exchange documents and information to reach the common aim of establishing the truth about the death of Giulio Regeni". The third such meeting on the case "served to provide a fruitful comparison on the elements so far gathered by the two offices," the statement said. "In particular, the Egyptian prosecutor-general illustrated and handed over the ample, complete and in-depth report on an examination of cellphone traffic covering the areas of (Regeni's) disappearance (on January 25) and the discovery of his body (on February 3).