'St Mark's Guardians' to help keep Venice clean

And inform tourists on rules

(ANSA) - Venice, July 8 - Local authorities in Venice said Friday that a group of stewards and hostesses, the so-called 'St Mark's guardians', will welcome tourists and provide information to keep the lagoon city clean in the area of St Mark's Square.
    The 15 stewards and hostesses, along with six high school students, will work every day, starting Saturday through the beginning of October, from midday until 8:00 pm, informing visitors on the rules and behavior they should keep in the heart of the city.
    "Hostesses and stewards, who will be wearing orange T-shirts, will for example explain to tourists that they can't camp out, have a picnic, wear a bathing suit and throw waste on the pavement", said municipal police chief Marco Agostini.
    He added that the group of 'St Mark's guardians' are fluent in the main European languages, as well as in Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian and Turkish and can report violations to the municipal police.


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