Refugees enrich aging Italy says Mattarella (2)

Human rights for all, not just Europeans

(ANSA) - Rome, June 20 - Refugees enrich countries with aging populations such as Italy, President Sergio Mattarella said Monday while marking World Refugee Day. "Refugees enrich our country," he said. "Italy suffers from a low birth rate and the arrival of talented and capable young people will enrich it if managed correctly". "Europe stands for respect for human rights, but this principle can't be on again, off again - it can't be applied only to those living in Europe".
    Refugee arrivals "can only be managed by intelligent reception, one that will guarantee peace and order," said the head of State.
    "Sometimes there are reactions driven by fear, disorientation, attempts at closure (or) worse still, indifference," Mattarella went on.
    Those fleeing to Europe do so because this is "the continent of freedom, democracy and wellbeing," the president said.
    "We can't make it uglier in order to make it less attractive".


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