Alitalia flight attendants start wearing new uniforms

Praise from passengers and tourists at Fiumicino

(ANSA) - Fiumicino (Rome), June 8 - The new uniforms of Alitalia flight staff gave rise to curiosity and praise from passengers and tourists on Wednesday at Fiumicino airport. After almost 20 years, pilots and flight attendants are now wearing new ones reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s glamor, designed by Milan-based Ettore Bilotta.
    Female flight attendants are now wearing bordeaux-hued attire instead of the previous green, while male ones wear grey and green ones with a tie bearing a red print. All the uniforms were made with fabric from Tuscany and silk processed in Como. Male uniforms were made in the southern Puglia region. In just over 15 days, the uniforms were delivered to the over 3,500 Alitalia flight attendants, while ground staff will begin to use green-grey uniforms in the coming days.


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