Italy has 1 petrol station for every 1,900 vehicles - UP

In the UK 1 for every 4,300 vehicles

(ANSA) - Rome, April 19 - The number of petrol service stations in Italy remains comparatively high, Italy's trade association for oil refiners and distributors Unione Petrolifera (UP) said on Tuesday.
    There were 21,300 service stations in Italy in January 2015, or one per 1,900 vehicles in circulation. This compares to 8,591 petrol stations in the UK (one per 4,300 vehicles), 14,562 in Germany (one per 3,200 vehicles), 11,356 in France (one per 3,300 vehicles) and 10,712 in Spain (one per 2,500 vehicles). In Italy each service station distributes on average 1,311 cubic metres, compared to 2,340 cubic metres in Spain, 3,330 in Germany, 3,790 in France and 4,360 in the UK.


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