Pope warns against being misled by fortune-tellers

'Follow Jesus and the path of the Beatitudes'

(ANSA) - Vatican City, April 18 - Pope Francis on Monday during Mass in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta told his followers that one needs only to follow the path trod by the Beatitudes to live a religious life.
    He warned against listening to fortune-tellers and delinquents. "Those who follow Jesus do nor err! 'Oh, Father, yes, but things are difficult ... So many times I do not see clearly what to do ... I was told that there was a seer and I went there and I went there; I went to the [fortune teller], who turned the cards to me ...' If you do this, you do not follow Jesus. You follow another, who shows you another way, a different way.
    Jesus shows the way forward: there is no other who can show the way.' Jesus has warned us: 'There will be others who will say the way of the Messiah is this, this, this [other way]: do not listen. Do not hear them. I am the way.' Jesus is the door and also the path: if we follow Him we shall not go astray," he said. Pope Francis then said that "you will find the voice of Jesus in the Beatitudes. Should someone make to teach you a way contrary to the Beatitudes, [know] that such a one is one who has entered through the window: it is not Jesus! Second: you would know the voice of Jesus? You may know it when that voice speaks of the works of mercy. For example, in chapter 25 of St Matthew: if someone tells you what Jesus says there, that is the voice of Jesus. Third: you may know it is the voice of Jesus when it teaches you to say 'Father', that is, when it teaches you to pray the Our Father.
    The pope had made similar statements both on November 17, 2013, and on November 15, 2015.


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