Boldrini says EU States avoiding duty in migrant crisis

Lower House Speaker says a tendency is to turn a blind eye

(ANSA) - Rome, March 11 - Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini on Friday said the current migrant crisis affecting the European Union wouldn't exist if every member State were to do its part.
    Boldrini said the EU is "doing what it shouldn't do: there's a tendency to turn a blind eye to some countries".
    "The EU can't demand that non-EU countries respect a series of standards and objectives if it's not ready to pursue them itself," Boldrini said.
    "Some States are making an effort to manage the (migrant) phenomenon, but others no. This creates the crisis; otherwise there wouldn't be one," she said.
    "If Europe wants to continue to be a moral compass for the world, it needs to set an example. It also needs to do it to defend its own reputation," she said.


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