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Mipel trade show flaunts 300 handbag brands

From eclectic to retro, a category for everyone

(ANSA) - Rho-Pero, February 17 - Three hundred fashion brands brought handbags and accessories to the 109th Mipel international leather trade show at Milan's convention centre, which wrapped up its four-day exhibition on Wednesday. The show divided bags into diverse categories spread across 10,000 square metres of floor space, and took place concurrently with the 81st theMICAM footwear trade show.
    In the category "Geometric Fragments", the bags were trunks and clutches with handles, with broken lines and characterised by concentric circles such as those presented by Corsoundici or Azzurra Gronchi.
    The "Metallic" category featured shiny examples with irridescent details and 3D embroidery in creations from Giancarlo Petriglia, Ter and Visone.
    In "Eclecticity", bags from brands like Salar and Iaya Asciani had elaborate inlays, with unique lines and techniques.
    "Retro Future" showed Hiboy and Plinio Visonà bags that harkened back to the 1940s or looked to the future for new inspiration.
    A mish-mash of patterns and trends found itself in the "Mashing Up" category, with jacquard fabrics, laser-cut furs, and colored leathers in miniature bags, handheld or with chains, that proved to be among the most desirable in the women's lineup, with examples from the historic Tuscan company Braccialini and the emerging brand Ioanna Solea.
    "Flamboyant" showed a trend toward extravagance, with Harleq and Fontanelli showing jewelled bags and Filippo Fanini, Campomaggi and Lanzetti using fur as their main feature.
    Men weren't forgotten, however, and in the "One Reissued" category, doctor bags and briefcases were laden with details both old and new.
    There were also bags in the categories of "Genderless" and "Deconstructed Vintage", such as that of Simona Tagliaferri and Corsia that use sophisticated treatments to regenerate natural leathers, reptile skin, calfskin and Napa leather.
    And for those on the go, "Sartorial Traveller" showed technological sophistication together with tailored details in collections such as Bric's rolling bags.


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