Italy, Greece migrant hotpots improving says EU draft

External border countries must do more

(ANSA) - Brussels, February 9 - The process of creating and operating "hotspot" centres for identifying and processing migrants and asylum seekers in Italy and Greece is improving, according to the draft conclusions of the Feb 18-19 European Council summit seen by ANSA on Tuesday.
    "With the help of the EU, the creation and functioning of hotspots in Italy and Greece is gradually improving in terms of identification, registration and the taking of digital fingerprints," the draft conclusion reads.
    The draft added "a lot remains to be done" to improve migrant reception centers, where asylum seekers are held pending resolution of their claims for protection.
    The draft says that all Schengen Area countries with external borders must refuse entry to third-country citizens who "do not satisfy the entry prerequisites or who have not made an asylum claim despite having had the opportunity to do so".
    It says that while the flow of migrants from Turkey remains too high, Turkey has made "important steps" forward in granting refugees access to the labour market, and in sharing data with the EU.


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