High school prof fired 'for peeing into a bush'

On the job 14 years, fined 11 years ago and forgot to say so

(ANSA) - Bergamo, February 4 - A high school philosophy professor was fired after 14 years on the job because he forgot to report he was fined 200 euros for urinating into a bush 11 years ago, Corriere della Sera paper reported Thursday.
    Stefano Rho', 43, a father of three born in Uganda of humanitarian doctor parents, in the summer of 2005 attended a village feast in Averara, pop. 182, located in the northern Brembana Valley.
    The village shut down early and there was no bathroom available, so Rho' and his friend relieved themselves in a bush.
    Police caught them in the act, cited them, and a justice of the peace eventually fined them 200 euros. In 2013, Rho' signed an education ministry form stating he had no criminal record. But the Bergamo school system discovered the discrepancy, and censured him. However the Audit Court later ruled that lying about one's record is grounds for firing, and he was.


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