No fallout from 'lively' Italy-EU exchange says Juncker

EC chief blasted Renzi for offending Commission

(ANSA) - Brussels, January 20 - There will be no negative fallout from a "lively exchange" between Italy and the European Commission, EC President Jean-Claude Juncker told reporters Wednesday. "Relations between the Commission and the Italian government, between commissioners, and between myself and my Italian colleagues and the premier (Matteo Renzi) are good," he said. "There was a lively exchange, but this is normal in times of democracy and will have no consequences," Juncker said.
    Last week Juncker blasted Renzi for offending the EU executive at "every opportunity". There has been tension between Rome and Brussels in recent months over several issues, including the refugee crisis, budget flexibility and bank rescues. Renzi said on Facebook Tuesday that Italy has regained its leadership role and that those who do not like it must "deal with it".


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