EU statements 'unusual' says Gozi

'We have no personal problems with anyone on EC

(ANSA) - Brussels, January 18 - Undersecretary for EU affairs Sandro Gozi said on EU sources' complaints on communication issues with Rome Monday that "these statements are unusual, but we think they can be resolved with politics and by addressing the issues that we have put on the table, above all in the interests of that Europe which must change". He said "we have no personal problems with any of the members of the (European) Commission". Gozi said "if the anonymous sources wanted to restart dialogue, we welcome that. But Italy has its sticking points and has highlighted them, on what the EU must do to change". He said "right from the start the Renzi government made explicit what must be done in the EU" and therefore "we will continue to be constructive when we see that the Commission moves towards a new start, and we will continue to be critical in a constructive way when we see that there are delays and inertia".


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