Schengen is the answer to migrants says Ravetto

'Intensify border controls, set up common border guard'

(ANSA) - Rome, January 7 - The chair of the parliamentary Schengen committee said Thursday shutting down the passport-free zone is not the way to deal with the inflow of migrants and asylum seekers.
    "The solution to the problem of migratory flows is certainly not shutting down Schengen but enacting it stringently," MP Laura Ravetto said.
    "Schengen allows for the free circulation of those citizens who have a right to do so and it also allows for the tight control of external borders and consequently a ban on access of those who do not have a right to enter".
    The solution, she said, would be to ramp up Schengen and not the opposite.
    "We need to intensify external border controls and possibly also immediately set up a common border guard," Ravetto said.


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