Almost 40% of schools 'need urgent maintenance'

Marked disparity between North and South says report

(ANSA) - Rome, December 17 - Almost 40% of Italian schools need "urgent maintenance" and there is a marked disparity between building quality and services in the North and South, a report revealed on Thursday.
    The study by environmental association Legambiente showed that the best of the 6,310 schools in the country in terms of building quality were in northern cities including Trento and Reggio Emilia.
    The environmentalist group said Premier Matteo Renzi's reforms of the school system needed to also deal with the urgent problem of the "territorial disparity between the North, South, and the islands" in terms of buildings, investments and services.
    Only 0.6% of schools in Italy are built using ecologically friendly architecture but increasing numbers are using renewable energy sources such as solar power, the survey found.
    It also said that services such as school buses were in decline while recycling was improving.


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