Italy spends 1.3% of GDP on research, development in 2013

Spending grows most in south and northeast

(ANSA) - Rome, December 10 - Italy spent the equivalent of 1.3% of GDP on research and development in 2013, national statistics agency Istat said on Thursday.
    This was up from 1.27% in 2012 and translated into roughly 21 billion euros, Istat added. Jobs in research and development also increased by 2.7% over 2012 to 246,764., the agency said. The private sector accounted for 57.7% of spending in research and development, up from 57.2% in 2012. Sector spending grew in all parts of the country, with the greatest rise reported in the south (+5.3%) and northeast (4%), Istat reported. However, in absolute terms spending on research and development in the south accounted for only 16.5% of the total, compared to 36.5% in the northwest, 23.8% in the northeast and 23.2% in the centre. Spending in research and development by private companies is expected to grow by 1% and by private no-profit institutions by 1.3% in 2015, according to Istat forecasts. Instead public sector spending in 2015 is expected to fall by 2.9%.


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