'White economy' worth 290bn says CENSIS

Personal care and wellbeing sector 'employs 3.8 million'

(ANSA) - Rome, December 9 - The so-called white economy, or health care sector, employs 3.8 million people or 16.5% of the national workforce and is worth 290 billion euros, CENSIS research institute said Wednesday. In Italy, the term white economy refers to the health care sector both public and private, according to CENSIS. The sector generates productivity - or the added value of the work in relation to the people it employs - is equal to 60,000 per employee, putting the white economy above farming, construction, the restaurant industry, and trade.
    The sector accounts for 9.4% of national production, with 42.2% of its value coming from health care services, 17.9% from public management and regulation of health and social security, 10.6% from complementary social security and health insurance, 10.4% from personal care, and 1.1% from university programs in these disciplines, according to CENSIS.
    The report to be presented in Rome tomorrow points out that Italy spends an amount equal to 6.8% of GDP on its national health service, lower than France (8.6%), Germany (8.4%), and Britain (7.3%). Private health spending amounts to 2% of GDP, lower than the 2.4% average among Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries and also lower than all the most advanced European nations, CENSIS said.


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