Gabrielli evaluating whether to evacuate occupied school

Students have occupied high school for 13 days

​ (ANSA) - Rome, December 9 - Rome Prefect Franco Gabrielli on Wednesday said his office is evaluating whether to evacuate the historic 1,500-student Virgilio High School (liceo classico) in central Rome, which students have occupied for the past 13 days.
    "The situation is very delicate because there are students and parents on one side and the principal on the other, and therefore it must be absolutely thought-out, because we're talking about kids," Gabrielli said, adding that school administrators have "the right to see their role and responsibilities recognised".
    In recent days, protest leader Iacopo Gasparetti, 19, said the sit-in will continue until at least 13 of their proposals "to improve study and school conditions" are received by the principal. Undersecretary of Education Davide Faraone is scheduled to meet with the students and with school administrators Wednesday.
    The students announced they plan to hold a press conference on Thursday.


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