ISIS executes two gay men by pushing them from hotel roof

Reserves most special punishment for presumed homosexuals

(ANSA) - Reyhanli (Turkey), December 2 - Two men were pushed off the roof of a 4-storey hotel by Islamic extremists because they were gay, ANSA learned Wednesday.
    Hawass Mallah, 32, and Mohammed Salameh, 21, were sentenced to execution by a judge in July in the ancient Syrian city of Palmira, now controlled by ISIS.
    During the trial one of the men was asked by the judge if he felt satisfied with the sentence given that death would help absolve him from his sin.
    The story of the men was recounted to ANSA by Omar, who had witnessed the event before escaping to Reyhanli in Turkey.
    He said the men's hands were tied behind their backs before they were thrown off the roof to their deaths.
    Notorious for the brutal punishments given out to their enemies, ISIS reserves some of its most barbaric practices for those it presumes to be homosexual.
    At least 36 men have been killed for alleged sodomy in Iraq and Syria, Human rights group OutRight Action International said.


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