Judge orders 240 mn Kuwait Petroleum Italia seizure

Eight investigated for illegal disposal of waste

(ANSA) - Naples, December 1 - A Naples preliminary investigations judge ordered the preventative seizure of 239.7 million euros worth of assets on Tuesday from Kuwait Petroleum Italia.
    The amount is the equivalent of the profit made from the illegal disposal of hazardous waste, according to prosecutors' accusations.
    Eight people are under investigation for allegedly storing up to 42,000 cubic metres of oily water in fuel tanks in a Naples deposit and then disposing of it illegally to avoid the extra costs involved in the correct handling of the substance.
    Investigators had already seized equipment from the company in November 2013. According to prosecutors, wiretapped conversations and intercepted emails pointed to the existence of an agreement between managers in Naples and more senior company directors, and that the illegal disposal of the waste was a conscious choice made by the firm to avoid additional costs.


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