'Fatima' probe shows 'flow of foreign fighters' to ISIS

Young convert 'prepared to do anything', investigators say

(ANSA) - Milan, November 18 - Investigations into Maria Giulia 'Fatima' Sergio, a young convert to Islam who is allegedly in Syria with her Albanian jihadist husband, and 10 other people, including her father Sergio and sister Marianna, for alleged criminal association for terrorism and aiding and abetting have "shown clearly the constant and particularly large flow of so-called foreign fighters from numerous countries" and the ability of the Islamic State to "sort the volunteers regardless of their provenance", Milan prosecutors said Wednesday. Wiretaps also allowed investigators to establish that the "rules" set out in on-line "manuals" for reaching the Islamic State "effectively work" and to "reconstruct the activities carried out both within the occupied territories and with a view to territorial expansion". These include recruitment activities carried out by people who have already reached the area held by Islamic State and activities of indoctrination and proselytism carried out on-line. In this respect, investigators have reconstructed "the organisation of the departure of 'Fatima's family members to join ISIS in relation to the absolute compulsoriness of the 'jihra' (emigration) and of the serious consequences for those who, though able, don't practice it". Fatima's sister Marianna and their parents were arrested before leaving Italy for Syria in July. Investigators also allege Fatima is prepared "to carry out any action requested by the organisation, including martyrdom" and that she has "trained in the use of long and short weapons".
    The case is set to come before before a preliminary hearings judge on December 21.


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