Poverty relief could come from golden pensions says INPS

Social security institute presents bill to make system fairer

(ANSA) - Rome, November 5 - State social security institute INPS said Thursday the funds to relieve poverty among people aged over 55 and promote turnover could be sourced by cutting so-called golden pensions and annuities for elected officials.
    "The potential losers include roughly 250,000 recipients of golden pensions and more than 4,000 recipients of annuities for elected office," INPS said.
    The proposals were set out in a bill to reorganise Italy's struggling social security system and make it fairer.
    "Limited costs are imposed on roughly 230,000 high-income families (belonging to the 10% of the population with the highest income)," INPS said.
    Under the proposals, these families would see a "reduction in the welfare payments destined to them".
    The social security institute also suggested recalculating pensions for elected officials "according to contributions paid, as is now the case for all new workers".


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