Two Navy officers arrested for graft

Suspects 'extorted kickbacks from Navy suppliers'

(ANSA) - Taranto, October 29ì8 - Two Navy officers were placed under house arrest on Tuesday on suspicion of graft.
    Captains Alessandro Dore and Giovanni Caso are suspected of extorting kickbacks from civilian goods and services suppliers in exchange for military contracts.
    Police searched their homes and those of another eight suspects in the case - six officers, one junior officer, and a civilian Navy employee - and seized assets worth 500,000 euros.
    The investigation that started last year led to the arrest in 2014 of Captain Roberto La Gioia, and in January this year of officers Attilio Vecchi, Riccardo Di Donna, Marco Boccadamo, Giovanni Cusmano, Giuseppe Coroneo, Antonio Summa, and civilian Leandro De Benedectis. Prosecutors say Caso, 48, "continued to demand and obtain kickbacks even after his colleague La Gioia was caught red-handed" last year.


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