Abruzzo high school bans stiletto heels as safety risk

In seismic zone, makes evacuation problematic

(ANSA) - Avezzano, October 26 - A high school in the seismic area of the province of L'Aquila has decided to ban high heels for students and staff because of the security risk they pose in the event of having to escape due to an earthquake.
    Data related to injuries in the school environment stemming from footwear such as high heels, clogs, and flip-flops led school administrators to make the decision to ban heels higher than four centimetres.
    "The directive isn't the result of a puritanical fantasy," said school principal Anna Amanzi.
    "It's a serious requirement, that is, to teach students prevention and education, above all in a high-risk seismic zone like the Marsica," Amanzi said.


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