Prosecutors ask 19 years in Milan 'Ndrangheta trial

Two Martino brothers could go away for a long time

(ANSA) - Milan, October 21 - Anti-Mafia prosecutors on Wednesday sought sentences of up to 19 years for six suspected 'Ndrangheta mafia clan members operating in Milan.
    Among them are defendants are brothers Vincenzo and Domenico Martino, whose brother Giulio Martino was sentenced in July to 20 years in prison for being the boss of the Milan-based clan with ties to the Libri-De Stefano-Tegano clan in the southern city of Reggio Calabria.
    Another 40 people were found guilty and sentenced in the July trial. Among them is businessman Cristiano Sala, whom the court found guilty of trying to muscle in on the catering service for AC Milan matches at San Siro stadium in Milan.
    Also on Wednesday, prosecutors asked the court to sentence co-defendant and ex-cop Marco Johnson to three years in prison for corruption.


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