Consumers, businesses join against Rome urban neglect

Committee will report to police, from potholes to racketeering

(ANSA) - Rome, October 19 - Rome businesses and consumers joined forces to fight urban neglect and widespread unlawfulness in the nation's capital on Monday. Codacons consumer group, Comitas micro-business association and the Catering and Tourism Interregional Federation (FIRST) formed a committee called RomaxBene (Respectable Rome), on whose website concerned citizens and visitors are invited to report all forms of neglect - from potholes to illegally dumped trash to vendors operating without a license to tourists being fleeced.
    The committee intends to report to report to police all such incidents, as well as suspected racketeering, consumer fraud, and unlawful occupations of public land or real estate.
    "We're tired of there not being enough inspections in this city," said Codacons President Carlo Rienzi. "Citizens are taking back the possibility of controlling the things that don't work. Here in Rome everything goes in slow motion, and there's very little oversight".


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