Child saved from serious allergy by 'blood wash' in world first

Treatment at Rome's Bambino Gesù children's hospital purged boy of antibodies responsible

(ANSA) - Rome, October 8 - A seven-year-old child has been saved from a serious allergy by a special "blood wash" treatment practised for the first time in the world by Rome's Bambino Gesù children's hospital. The treatment 'washed' the child's blood of the antibodies responsible for his condition after pharmaceutical therapies proved ineffective. The boy, Michele, suffered a very serious form of allergy to foods, including milk, eggs, fish and fruit, which combined with asthma, caused a series of bad fits. The treatment is not considered a definite cure, but it has made it possible to bring the condition under control and significantly increased the boy's quality of life.
    As a result, it a breakthrough that could open up new options for the treatment of extremely serious allergies.
    The paper related to the ground-breaking treatment has been published by scientific journal Pediatrics.


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