CasaPound says rally to take place despite revoked permit

Milan prefecture aware of situation

(ANSA) - Milan, September 11 - The national president of neo-fascist group CasaPound said Friday that a rally organized in the town of Castano Primo, about 45 minutes northwest of Milan, would take place this weekend despite the fact that the mayor of the town revoked the group's authorization on Thursday.
    "There are people coming from all over Italy, there are important guests, there's an organisation that's been working for a long time for this initiative, and at the last minute, the day before, they revoke authorisation. You can't do that," said Gianluca Iannone, adding that the rally would start Friday at 6 p.m. as scheduled and continue through Sunday.
    On Friday the Milan Prefecture held a meeting of its Provincial Committee for Order and Public Safety regarding the CasaPound rally and said it had "taken note" of the revoked authorisation "relative to the use of a marquee in the municipal territory".
    "The city of Castano Primo will inform judicial authorities immediately of any violations of the measure, together with the most opportune interventions," the Milan Prefecture said.


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