Salvini calls for Italy to accept Christian migrants only

Northern League leader says country should adopt Slovakian model

(ANSA) - Milan, August 21 - Northern League leader Matteo Salvini said on Friday that Premier Matteo Renzi "should copy the Slovakian model" on immigration and only accept Christians.
    Renzi's government "must copy the Slovakian model: if we really have to accept immigrants, they must be Christians," Salvini told Radio Padania.
    "While we wait to see if we can halt this organised invasion", Salvini said that "Renzi must at least accept that the core of immigrants welcomed must be culturally closer to us." "I would like to see what Galantino says on this," he said.
    Earlier this week Archbishop Nunzio Galantino, No.2 in the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI), accused the Italian government of being "absent" from the immigration crisis and said it lacked a coherent strategy for integrating migrants.
    In Slovakia, the government has said it will only accept Christians when it takes in Syrian refugees under a EU relocation scheme.


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