Rome squatter mum on second paid wedding

Unemployed bride-for-hire promised 9,000 euros

(ANSA) - Rome, August 21 - A 33-year-old unemployed Italian mother told ANSA in an interview Friday she is about to embark on her second marriage-for-hire to a foreigner.
    The woman, known only as S., lives with her two-year-old daughter in a 30-square-meter room in a Rome squat, and is preparing to fly to Cairo to wed a stranger in exchange for 9,000 euros.
    "I need the money," said the bride-for-hire. "They've promised me lots, but to tell you the truth I would do it for much less," she said, holding her toddler in her arms.
    "I don't work, but I'm not a criminal," she added.
    She went on to explain that her first wedding for hire was to a Brazilian transsexual in Rome so he could get his residency permit.
    After that divorce, she married the African father of her child so he could also stay in the country - this time for free.
    "I did it for my daughter," said S.
    She is now waiting for 1,000-euro advance and a ticket to her wedding ceremony in Cairo.
    Her broker, she said, is an Italian national who wed an Eritrean woman in Iran.
    "When I get back I'm going to buy a couple of things for my daughter," she said. "A wedding is one thing, love is quite another. For me neither matters, nor does it matter to the immigrants. I just want to get by."


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