Italcementi takeover part of 'military occupation'-Salvini

'Soviet' Europe succeeds where Brownshirts failed-League boss

(ANSA) - Milan, July 29 - The takeover by a German firm of Italcementi cement company represents a form of "military occupation", Northern League leader Matteo Salvini said Wednesday.
    In an interview with Radio Padania Salvini, whose League is strongly opposed to European integration and the common currency, said the Heidleberg purchase of control of Itacementi fit with the wider strategy of what he suggested was a German-led eurozone takeover of Italy.
    "What the Germans were not able to do with tanks and with the Brownshirts, they're now able to do, thanks to Soviet Europe," Salvini said during the radio call-in program.
    The Brownshirts worked as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party in early-20th century Germany.
    "If these were free choices by free-market entrepreneurs, there would be no question," he added.
    "If they are chosen as constricted subsidiaries, in a Europe with a currency assembled to help the Germans, then they are part of a strategy of military occupation," said Salvini.
    Heidelberg is buying a controlling stake of 45% in its Italian rival.


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