Border chief says 200,000 immigrants could arrive in 2015

Immigration director says figures higher than past two years

(ANSA) - Milan, July 21 - The total number of immigrants arriving in Italy in 2015 could reach 200,000 in 2015, surpassing the 2013 and 2014 annual figure of 170,000, said Giovanni Pinto, Director of Central Immigration and Border Police, on Tuesday.
    "We're facing a situation without precedent," Pinto said.
    "I spoke with UN refugee agency personnel and they told me that in Niger and Nigeria they're preparing camps for 500,000 displaced people," Pinto said, referring to those fleeing Boko Haram militants.
    Earlier this year, Italy's Foreign Ministry said that the 170,000 immigrants who disembarked on Italian coasts in 2014 represented 61% of the the European Union total of 278,000, and that the number of asylum requests - 70,000 - represented a 140% increase over 2013 figures.


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